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From Homework Struggles to Success

These are questions that can help your child become more aware of their choices. First, you are encouraging your kids to choose for themselves what kind of self-discipline, what kind of work effort, and what kind of responsibility they want to bring to their schoolwork. Secondly, you are helping your children understand that there are both friendly and unfriendly, effective and ineffective ways they can motivate themselves—and that how they do this is also a choice they can make for themselves.

No Longer a Child, But Not Yet Grown Up

How do you parent a kid who is not a child anymore, but doesn’t seem to be ready to become an adult?

So Sad to Say Goodbye

The transition from home to college or another learning experience is a very big change.  It is quite likely the biggest change your teen has ever faced in his or […]

Dealing With Difficult People

Many people know someone who is difficult to deal with—it may be a difficult neighbor, a difficult co-worker, or even one of your own difficult family members.  Perhaps this is […]

Fighting, Biting Scratching and Hitting

It might seem to you as a grown-up that rules against biting, kicking and scratching are clear, but that is not necessarily true for very young children, whose first experiences are likely to be purely experimental.

When Your Child is Frightened by Worry

Fortunately, your son can learn to recognize that the feeling of being afraid of throwing up doesn’t always mean throwing up. In other words, by learning how to feel more comfortable with discomfort, worry or fear about anything—whether it is throwing up, teasing from classmates, or thunderstorms—your son will learn to become more confident, more resilient, and more courageous about everything.

Learning Never Ends (What a Relief!)

Not too long ago, science told us we had all the brain cells we were ever going to have by the time we finished childhood.  After becoming an adult, it […]

Interview with Emory on Fox5

Ask Allison: Grandmother Boundaries:

The Real and True Happiness of Imperfection

When you were growing up, were you taught, “there’s no excuse for a mistake” and “mistakes are always your fault”?  Are you afraid you will become lazy and sloppy if […]

10 Tips for Not Feeling So SAD in the Winter

With the end of daylight savings time, it suddenly seems gloomy at 4pm and dark by 5pm.  Many of the people I consult with notice their spirits and energy diminishing when the […]