So Sad to Say Goodbye

The transition from home to college or another learning experience is a very big change.  It is quite likely the biggest change your teen has ever faced in his or […]

Dealing With Difficult People

Many people know someone who is difficult to deal with—it may be a difficult neighbor, a difficult co-worker, or even one of your own difficult family members.  Perhaps this is […]

Fighting, Biting Scratching and Hitting

It might seem to you as a grown-up that rules against biting, kicking and scratching are clear, but that is not necessarily true for very young children, whose first experiences are likely to be purely experimental.

I Won’t Go to School!

Big kids who refuse to get out of bed and go to school remind me of little kids who refuse to stay in bed and go to sleep. One night […]

Giving Up On Control

Take heart.  There are times when every parent feels like the situation is out of control.  Every parent has a personal threshold, and when we pass it we can feel […]

Winning Agreement With Limits

Setting and upholding limits may be the toughest job of being a parent.  It wasn’t my favorite part of being a Mom, and I can understand if you don’t like […]

Who’s In Charge Here?

When you think about your family and the concept of “power,” what comes to mind?  Is it trying to make your children do something?  Are you using yelling, pleas, bribes […]

Closer Through Communication

Katie, 10, storms in the front door, slams her backpack down, and screams with frustration that she hates her teacher.  Her father snaps back at her to calm down and […]