Tell the Truth!

We have all done it.  We see the cookie crumbs sprinkled down our child’s shirt or the purloined item held behind their back, and we have to ask the big […]

Stress-Proof Your Family

When did our most important annual holiday season become an experience to “survive”?  For every magazine or newspaper article focused on “Holiday Treats” and “Family Holiday Fun,” there are more […]

Learning to Make Wrong Into Right

When you see your child making a mistake and ask him to stop or change his behavior–that is the first step.  “I’ll never do it again,” is the beginning, not […]

Helping Children Understand Tragedy

Recent sad events have unfortunately reminded us that we have a responsibility to our young children to help them hear and understand reports of violence and tragedy. I think it […]

How to Have Happy Children

no matter how hard the parent works, his child continues to give him a hard time.  The parent is doing practically everything to make life easy, uncomplicated and comfortable for […]