Parent Goals

From Homework Struggles to Success

These are questions that can help your child become more aware of their choices. First, you are encouraging your kids to choose for themselves what kind of self-discipline, what kind of work effort, and what kind of responsibility they want to bring to their schoolwork. Secondly, you are helping your children understand that there are both friendly and unfriendly, effective and ineffective ways they can motivate themselves—and that how they do this is also a choice they can make for themselves.

No Longer a Child, But Not Yet Grown Up

How do you parent a kid who is not a child anymore, but doesn’t seem to be ready to become an adult?

Giving Up On Control

Take heart.  There are times when every parent feels like the situation is out of control.  Every parent has a personal threshold, and when we pass it we can feel […]

One-on-One Time

I have a confession to make…I’ve always loved my children, but I did not begin as a mom who really liked to spend one-on-one time just being with my children, without […]

Learning to Make Wrong Into Right

When you see your child making a mistake and ask him to stop or change his behavior–that is the first step.  “I’ll never do it again,” is the beginning, not […]

10 Tips for Tired Parents

The more I talk with parents who are in the thick of it, raising children, the more convinced I am that many parents are working too darn hard! Yes, I […]

How to Have Happy Children

no matter how hard the parent works, his child continues to give him a hard time.  The parent is doing practically everything to make life easy, uncomplicated and comfortable for […]