“Talking to Emory helped me figure out how to solve my problems.”  J.M. 8 years old

Has your child been through a difficult experience–such as hospitalization, a move, or family conflict or divorce?  Is your child driving you crazy with temper tantrums and power struggles?  Or are you worried that your child seems unhappy, perhaps fearful of making mistakes or feeling “not good enough”?

“Thank you for your compassionate response to my 16 year old son when he saw you.  He spoke so easily with you and was so comfortable that when we left he said, “Well Mom, we can interview other therapists, but I’d be comfortable with Emory Baldwin.”  L.S.

Does your teen seem angry, isolated, and unwilling to talk to you?  Is your teen often sad, tearful, and unsure of himself or herself?  Perhaps you are noticing behaviors that have you concerned–such as drinking, using drugs, stealing, lying, or sneaking around?

There comes a time when it can really help a teen to have someone to talk to–not just parents or friends.  Emory can be that encouraging and inspiring listener–helping your adolescent sort out what kind of a person he or she wants to be, what gets in the way of his or her goals, and what steps will take him or her in the right direction.

Get in touch with Emory soon to tell her about your concerns for your child or adolescent.  She provides parenting advising as well as family or individual counseling for your child or teen.