“Emory worked with our family to regain strength, resiliency, and joy through a traumatic transition.  She is really a midwife of emotional intelligence, for parents and children to build positive relationships with each other and with themselves.”  T.G.

“Thanks so much for helping me shift my focus to all of the positive things that I can control. Despite everything, I feel happy and optimistic and it’s a much healthier attitude to model for the kids. They are so much more relaxed and affectionate, it is really wonderful. I feel like we’ve made a lot of progress already, it is great to be working with you.”  K.M.

Do you want to enjoy your family more? To stop repeating the same disappointments, arguments, and power struggles? Would you like to create more respect, more appreciation, and more kindness within your home?

Many families Emory meets with experience rudeness, competitiveness, and disrespect with each other. Ordinary daily routines lead to yelling, threats, and meltdowns. Some children in the family may be falling behind, less able to handle the stresses of life. Other children explode often and dangerously, leaving everyone else ‘walking on eggshells’ around them, uncertain how to keep them calm and cooperative.

Bring your family to share a different kind of conversation about problems, as you all work collaboratively with Emory to explore the sources of trouble, and figure out solutions that will benefit everyone. Emory can help you all learn how to practice more understanding, mutual respect, and cooperation with each other.

The way Emory works is a bit different from other family therapists.  Before meeting with her for the first time, the parent(s) are invited to fill out her detailed family questionnaire and send it to her before the first meeting.  Your answers will give her an advance “big picture” of your family’s unique personalities, daily routines, and usual challenges.  Answering her questionnaire in advance means that you will save valuable time and make your first conversations with Emory even more useful and productive.

Contact Emory soon to set up the first appointment for your family.  Everyone will benefit as your family becomes calmer, more cooperative and more cheerful!