“I have talked to many therapists over the years, but no one has ever helped me as much as you have.”  P.T.

Do you want to feel more comfortable, satisfied, and productive in your life? Does it seem that worry, sadness, anger, or other problems are holding you back?

The people who consult with Emory are often successful in many aspects of their lives, but may be struggling privately in certain areas.  Despite making their best effort to look well and do well; they feel worn down, dissatisfied and disappointed.

This is how Emory can help…She works with individuals at different stages of life, helping them to overcome the effects of anxiety, depression, anger and grief, lack of confidence and uncertainty about where to go.

Share some conversations with Emory, as she helps you recover and reconnect with your sense of yourself as a capable person, your ability to enjoy life, your optimism and hope, your perspective and personal advocacy for yourself, your courage and confidence.

Take the next step and get in touch today to schedule your first consultation.  To prepare for your first meeting with her, Emory suggests that you may wish to fill out her Personal Questionnaire which is on the Questionnaires page of this website.  Answering these basic–but important–questions in your first sessions could take up a lot of valuable time.  By giving her this information in advance, Emory will get a sense of the “big picture” before you meet and will therefore be able to be even more helpful to you from the start.