“Your advice was soooo helpful!”  W.J.

Would you like to experience being the parent you want to be–even when your child isn’t doing what you want them to do?  Are you tired of working so hard and caring so much for your child, but feeling ineffective, insignificant, and sometimes even disgusted?

Many parents Emory meets with have already read the books, heard the talks and taken the parenting classes–yet the ideas they learn still seem too good to be true and out of reach.  Sometimes this is because they have an “extra-challenging” child.  Or perhaps the parent grew up in an  ineffective family that did not provide a healthy model of parenting.  At other times, parents have a child who “pushes their buttons” into overreacting, leaving them feeling ashamed and discouraged.

Emory can help you regain your sense of confidence, calmness, and effectiveness as a parent.  You will enjoy her good-humored appreciation of family life ups and downs as you talk with her about ways to help you and your family go in a more positive direction.

Don’t wait until things get worse to make your appointment.  Emory can teach you strategies to help things improve quickly, and give you the peace of mind that you and your family are on the right track.

Family Information Questionnaire:

The way Emory works is a bit different from other parent coaches and family therapists.  Before meeting with her for the first time, the parent(s) are invited to fill out her detailed family questionnaire and send it to her before the first meeting.  Her questionnaire asks about important–but basic–information about your child and family.  Answering these questions could take up a lot of valuable time in a session. To make your first appointment as useful and productive as possible, Emory suggests that you and your partner fill out the questionnaire below before your first appointment.  Because she likes to read your answers and think about them carefully before you meet with her, please send her the completed questionnaire at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Most parents report that the questionnaire takes approximately two hours to fill out.

The questionnaire can be downloaded here or you can fill it out online by clicking on Questionnaire on the menu bar.