If you are raising a child is extra-intense, or extra-fearful, or extra-active, or extra-demanding, or extra-oppositional, or extra-persistent, or extra-sensitive, or extra-stubborn, etc., etc.,…how is the experience affecting you, both as a person as well as a parent?

Helping your child learn and grow can be an inspiring and rewarding experience.   When you are the parent of an extra-challenging child, it can also be emotionally and physically exhausting.  You may feel that, no matter how much you give as a mother or father, your extra-challenging child always seem to need more—more understanding, more patience, more empathy, more firmness, more support, more tolerance, more training, more help, more, more, more…

Emory offers an evening group every other week for parents like you who may be feeling frustrated, discouraged, or just plain tired.  This group will provides a safe and accepting place to talk about things like:

  • the times when you don’t feel like you actually have more to give,
  • the times when you worry that your children aren’t doing well because you aren’t good enough as a parent, and even
  • the times when—to be perfectly honest—you just don’t like your child very much.

Feeling free to talk about concerns like these, even when they may seem like “taboo” subjects, can help you feel better personally, as well as help you do better as a parent.  As you know, parents are people too, who can find the support they need in these groups from others who understand, who are accepting, and who are compassionate about how hard it really can be.

For almost 20 years, Emory has been teaching parents through the Parent Encouragement Program about how to do things like set and uphold limits with extra-challenging children, how to encourage extra-fearful children, and how to motivate extra-discouraged and apathetic children.  Perhaps, most importantly, she has also raised her own extra-challenging children, and knows about the challenges from her own experiences.

Schedule for parent support group:

Every other Tuesday evening, 8-9:30pm
At Emory’s home office, between downtown Silver Spring and Takoma Park.

For more information about what you can expect from Emory’s Parent Support Groups, go to her Frequently Asked Questions About Parent Support Groups page.  You can also contact Emory  directly with your questions and begin the process of joining your parent support group today!