Whether working with you individually, or with your family and your children, Emory recognizes that your life and schedules are complicated.  She is willing to make it easier for you by offering phone and skype sessions–and even home visits.   

Individual Therapy

“I feel like our conversations are helping me see clearly what really matters to me, what is important to in my life.  This is what I needed to figure out so I can move forward in my life, and it even helps me understand what I want to do to stop holding myself back…”  G.N.

Do you want to feel calmer, function better, and move on in your life?  Does it seem that worry, sadness, anger, uncertainty are confusing you or holding you back?

The clients who consult with Emory are often successful in many aspects of their lives, but may be struggling privately in some areas.  Despite making their best effort to look well and do well; they feel worn down, often dissatisfied and disappointed.

This is how Emory can help: She works with individuals at different stages of life, helping them to overcome anxiety, depression, anger and grief, lack of confidence and uncertainty about where to go.

Share some conversations with Emory, as she asks the types of questions that lead you to recover and reconnect with your sense of yourself as a capable person, your enjoyment of life, your optimism and hope, your perspective and personal advocacy for yourself, your courage and confidence.

Take the next step and get in touch today to schedule your first consultation with Emory.

Family Therapy

“Emory worked with our family to regain strength, resiliency, and joy through a traumatic transition.  She is really a midwife of emotional intelligence, for parents and children to build positive relationships with each other and with themselves.”

Do you want to enjoy your family more?  To stop repeating the same arguments and disagreements?  Would you like to build more respect, more appreciation, and more cooperation within your home?

Many families Emory meets with experience rudeness, competitiveness, and disrespect with each other.  Ordinary daily routines lead to yelling, threats, and meltdowns.  Some children in the family may be falling behind, less able to handle the stresses of life.  Other children may seem to be growing up to be little “dictators,” bossing everyone else around, but not very good at managing their own responsibilities.

Bring your family to share different kinds of conversations with Emory, and work collaboratively with her to explore the problems that are causing so much trouble. Emory will help you and your family figure out what would work better for everyone instead.  Conversations with her will open up new possibilities for understanding, mutual respect, and cooperation within your family.

Contact Emory soon to set up the first appointment for your family.  Everyone will benefit when your family shares more peacefulness, more enjoyment, and a greater sense of partnership.

Child and Adolescent Therapy

“Talking to Emory helped me figure out how to solve my problems.”
J.M., 8 years old

Has your child been through a difficult experience such as hospitalization, a move, or family conflict or divorce?  Is your child driving you crazy with temper tantrums and power struggles?  Or are you worried that your child seems so unhappy, perhaps fearful of making mistakes or not being “good enough”?

Does your teen seem angry, isolated, and unwilling to talk to you?  Is your teen often sad, tearful, and unsure of himself or herself?  Perhaps you are noticing behaviors that have you concerned–such as drinking, using drugs, stealing, lying, or sneaking around?

“Thank you for your compassionate response to my 16-year-old son when he saw you.  He spoke so easily with you and was so comfortable that when we left he said, ‘Well Mom, we can interview other therapists, but I’d be comfortable with Emory Baldwin.’

There comes a time when it can really help a teen to have someone to talk to instead of his or her parents.  Emory can be that encouraging and inspiring listener and help your adolescent sort out what kind of a person he or she wants to be, what gets in the way of his or her goals, and what steps will take him or her in the right direction.

Get in touch with Emory soon to tell her about your concerns for your child or adolescent.  She can provide parenting suggestions as well as family or individual counseling for your child or teen.

Parent Consultations

“Your advice was soooo helpful!”

Would you like to experience being the parent you want to be even when your child isn’t doing what you want them to do?  Are you tired of working so hard and caring so much for your child, but feeling ineffective and insignificant as a parent?

Many parents Emory meets with have already read the books, heard the talks and taken the parenting classes–yet the ideas they learn still seem too good to be true and out of reach.  Sometimes this is because they grew up in ineffective families that did not provide a healthy model of parenting.  At other times, they are overwhelmed by a child who “pushes their buttons” into overreacting, leaving the parent ashamed and discouraged.

Emory can help you find your way as a parent so you regain your sense of confidence, calmness, and effectiveness.

You will enjoy Emory’s good humored appreciation of the many ups and downs of family life as you talk with her about ways to help you and your family go in a more positive direction.

Don’t wait until things get worse to make your appointment.  Emory can help you use better strategies to make the improvements you want, and give you the peace of mind that you and your family are on the right track.

Parent Support Groups

Thank goodness I had this group to come to every week!  It helped me so much to have a place where I could just say what I was really thinking or really feeling, without feeling judged or like a “bad” person.  Group also helped me see that I’m a pretty good Mom after all, and that my kid is better off with me, even though he doesn’t say “thank you, Mom.”                    K.B.

Parents are people, too.  Being a parent can be inspiring and rewarding, but it can also be emotionally and physically draining especially for parents with extra-challenging children. You may feel as if you give, and give, and give…but your child always seems to need more, and more, and more.  Emory is planning two new support groups (one daytime and one evening) for parents like you who may be feeling frustrated, discouraged, and/or just plain tired.

Participating in this group will give you a safe and accepting place to talk about the times when you just don’t have more to give, or when you are worried or overwhelmed, or when–to be perfectly honest–you just don’t like your child very much.

You do so much for your family, you need to take care of yourself too.  Contact Emory to find out more about how you can join her parenting support groups.